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    A Better Way to Pray by Andrew Wommack

    A Better Way to Pray

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    Page: 192
    ISBN: 9781577948346
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    I just finished reading a book called “A Better Way to Pray” by Andrew Wommack. Look at all of these prayer meetings! €�Let Prayer Meetings Cease” I have two recommendations for prayer meetings. Really taught me alot which is why I enjoy reading your blogs. Is there a better way to pray than to speak God's own words? To make this world a better place. The first one is below, the second will get posted tomorrow. God is one of your helper elves (the head elf, maybe Santa) and your helpers respond to the consciousness you're putting forth in your now moment. I thank God for this word of pray. When I have the resources I'm going to order a bulk of these to give out. Well here is a "Better Way to Pray" - Speak to the Mountain by Andrew Wommack - www.AWMI.net. We have just completed studying the book of Philippians and are learning to apply the word to our prayer life. I cant think of a better way to start my morning off than learning how to train my motives behind the reasons for pray. A Better Way to Pray - Speak to the Mountain, Today's Christian Videos - Ever wonder why some prayers don't work? Come on young Muslims, gotta rise up. The reason is because God is part of the soup. Together we must stand in the Masjid to pray, Pray for a better day, a better way.

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